A Cheat Sheet for Putting Together Your Custom Suit

Are you ready to step into the world of custom suits and create your own? Congratulations. Every man should own at least one custom suit that is perfect for just about any occasion. However, before you start looking at custom suits in New York City and putting one together for yourself, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Check out a few cheats for putting together your custom suit below.

Make sure your custom suit's shoulder pads end where your shoulders do.

It's very easy to spot a man who is not wearing a suit that fits him. Just take a look at his shoulders. If the shoulder pads of his suit extend further than his shoulders, his custom suit does not fit him properly. Custom suits should include jackets that have shoulder pads molded to fit your specific body type. If they don't, you should have a tailor take a look at the way your suit fits and adjust it accordingly.

Select a charcoal gray or navy blue suit if you are purchasing your first custom suit.

Many men wrongfully assume that their first custom suit should be black. If for whatever reason you prefer black over other colors, then go with what your heart desires, but a charcoal gray or navy suit is best for those buying their first custom suits. You can wear these colors to just about any event and not look out of place. Unless you plan on buying multiple custom suits, you should go with one of these colors for your first custom suit.

Think about the width of your lapels.

Are you trying to create a more modern custom suit? If you are, you are going to want thinner lapels. Or if you want a more traditional suit, tell your tailor you want thicker lapels. Either way, your tie should match the width of your lapels when you put on your suit. This will tie your whole look together and show that you knew what you were doing when you went to have your custom apparel made.