Matching Your Shoes to Your Suit

Everyone looks sharp in a custom suit, but it is crucial that all of your custom apparel fits your body properly. In some cases the fit of your suit may be even more important than its style or color.

No matter how nice the suit is, it must look right on your body. There are three basic suit fits that are appropriate for individual body types: English, European, and American. Keep reading to learn more about these fits and to decide which style you want for your new bespoke suit.


If you have an athletic body type, you may be interested in an English suit. Similarly, if you have seen yourself in a military uniform and liked what you saw, the English suit may be the best choice for you. This type of suit is much like a uniform in that it closely adheres to the shape of your body. English suits tend to have shorter jacket sleeves than others as well as flared skirts and soft shoulders. This kind of suit is an excellent choice when it comes to public speaking because it conveys authority and demands respect. English suits are also preferable for taller men.


If you are slim but not too slim, you may be the ideal body type for a European suit. Also known as a Continental, this type of suit typically includes Italian features in that they have prominent shoulders and shorter lengths while being close cut. The right sized European suits can be used to add a little extra volume, which can be advantageous for those who are slimmer than most. It is common to find European suits that are single breasted with a no-vent back.


Since average and slim builds have been taken care of, American suits are geared towards those who have bigger bodies. They are often single-breasted and feature three buttons, though double-breasted American suits are not extremely rare. American suits are beneficial for larger bodies because their design is slimming and can also make you appear taller. These suits work especially well when they are side or double vented.