A Look at Men's Suit Trends for 2015

custom tailor in NYCLiving in one of the fashion capitals of the world, you know the importance of sticking with the times and dressing to the tune of the season’s hottest trends. A lot of the same rules apply for 2015, but there are some new trends making waves with stylish men in the know. Read on to discover some of the latest suit trends and then work with a custom tailor in New York City to have a bespoke suit made just for you.

Be Bold in Blue

This year, the color you really need to think about when ordering a custom suit is blue. High blue, which is sometimes referred to as pure blue, and lighter shades of blue are both very popular in 2015. The classic navy suit is still in (and it always will be) but you can make a sharp statement in a bold blue suit with a crisp white shirt.

Slim Cut Jackets Reign Supreme

Men’s fashion is still going the direction of slim fitting, so have your Manhattan tailor create a jacket that fits snugly around your shoulders, chest, and waist. If you don’t feel comfortable in a slim-cut suit, opt for a bespoke suit that has a more English feel, allowing for just a touch more room in the body and a slightly wider lapel. Your tailor will take measurements and create a custom jacket that perfectly complements your body type and style preferences.

Accessorize and Colorize

Men’s fashion is not quite so subdued this year, which means you can have fun accessorizing and adding color to your suits. One of the biggest trends is pocket squares. Patterned squares are incredibly popular this year, as are solid colors. Even a white pocket square in a classic fold is something to be admired in 2015.