A Man's Guide to Must-Have Suits

If you want to step up your style, look your best, and feel more confident, nothing beats a custom-fit suit. Suits have long been a staple among fashionable men, and custom suits have long been a staple among fashionable men with discerning taste and impeccable style. Even if you can't afford a closet full of custom-tailored suits, you should invest in a few of the most essential suits for men. Some of the must-have suits for men include:

The Wool Navy Suit

If you only have one suit in your wardrobe, make it a single-breasted navy wool suit. Whether you're meeting with a colleague, attending a formal dinner, or overseeing a multi-million dollar merger, a solid navy suit will imply professionalism and respectfulness for yourself and your audience. Navy also looks good with most everyone's complexion, and a custom navy suit can be played up or down depending on the occasion.

The Cotton Khaki Suit

The cotton khaki suit is commonly spotted in New York City during the spring and summer. Although it's considered less formal than wool, a cotton khaki suit can be worn with a crisp white button down and a colorful pocket square for a strikingly handsome and professional look. The cotton khaki suit can also be dressed down on the weekend or on vacation by pairing the trousers with a seasonal plaid shirt.

Custom Tailored Suits NYC

The Black Suit

If you attend a lot of formal events each year, you may want to invest in a custom tuxedo. However, you may get more for your money with a classic black suit since it can be worn on more occasions and dressed down for less formal get-togethers and events. Your New York City tailor can help you design a striking classic black suit that will look great no matter when you bring it out of the wardrobe.