Custom Clothes NYC

The right men's suits in New York City can transform any man into a confident and powerful force. The wrong formal wear, on the other hand, can turn heads in an unfavorable way. There are a few different components that go into a stylish ensemble: Pattern and design, fit, customization, and accessories. Understanding how to choose and arrange these elements is the key to sporting an unforgettable style.

What to Wear

The designs, patterns, and colors that you sport on your suit can play a large role on the visual effect it will have on others. Polka dots can be a bold yet effective choice, but it is important to make sure that they are the right size. On the other hand, a gray flannel suit is typically a safe choice across the board. If you can see the stitches around your lapels, make sure that they do not clash with the colors of the rest of your attire. It helps to find your style and stick with it rather than sporadically switching back and forth between different styles.

How to Wear It

It does not matter what your suit looks like if it does not fit you. A properly sized suit will be comfortable and come across as professional rather than amateurish. In addition to the fit, the way in which you wear your suit will strongly impact its appearance. Avoid fastening the bottom button of a double-breasted suit jacket, and unfasten all of your buttons every time you sit down. Wear a shirt with a smaller collar if you are not planning on wearing a tie.

How to Accessorize

The additional accessories that you wear with your suit can make or break your look. Choose a tie bar that is not wider than your tie, and wear a pocket square that accentuates your attire. Avoid wearing a bulky watch with your suit. Also avoid over-accessorizing, as certain suits will look best when the wearer is adorned with minimal accessories.