Big and Tall Mens Clothing New York City

Many clothing retailers now offer " Big & Tall " lines. But no matter how specialized, mass-produced clothing will always be intended to fit as many people as possible. So while "Big & Tall" garments may be long or broad enough to accommodate your size, they won't flatter your specific proportions. In this respect, nothing comes close to the fit of a garment expertly tailored to your measurements.

At La Rukico, we've noticed that "Big & Tall" retailers tend to go short on style . They seem to think not only that all big & tall guys are sized the same, but that they all want to look the same. Tired of khaki trousers, zip sweaters, and polo shirts that fit like burlap sacks? Looking for clothes that don't only fit, but flatter? Clothes that present your unique, personal style? Look no further than La Rukico Tailors.

Below, we've compiled a selection of our favorite tips for big & tall men's fashion. Make an appointment at our Manhattan showroom to learn more about your options.


  • Define the boundaries of your body. Often, big & tall men look like they're "spilling" out of their clothes, as if their size can't be contained. Blazers, suits, and tailored trousers will help "frame" your body, keeping your size in proportion.
  • You already have an impressive physical appearance. Keep your ensembles relatively simple, so you don't become visually overwhelming.


  • Solid, dark colors have a slimming effect. Try wearing a dark shade on your heavier half, and then contrasting it with a lighter color. For example, if your heaviest in your mid-section, try dark trousers balanced by a crisp, white dress shirt. This will draw eyes to your upper-half.
  • Patterning can be difficult for guys with larger frames. While vertically-oriented patterns have a slimming effect, they’ll also emphasize your height. Horizontal patterns will make you appear wider, which is great for balancing above-average height but can work against heavier-set people. No hard-and-fast rules here; experiment to find what works for your body.

Tailor's Tip: For a safe bet, try a Prince Of Wales pattern.


  • If you're heavier, pants should be worn at the natural waist, not down low on your hips. The fabric will drape over your stomach, smoothing out any bulges, and fall gracefully down your front without crimping in the crotch.
  • Try suspenders, rather than belts. Belts secured around the waist tend to accentuate bellies, making large men seem stuffed into their clothes. Tailored trousers can be outfitted with buttons at the waist to attach high-quality suspenders.
  • Trouser pleats can be a blessing and a curse. Long, vertical lines generally have a slimming effect, but they also accentuate height. This might make tall men look looming. Pleats can also add mass to the thighs, making large legs look even larger.

Tailor's Tip: As far as fit is concerned, if pleats stretch open while your standing at rest, your pants are too tight around the thigh.


  • Men who are both tall and broad look best in single-breasted jackets that button low, creating a deep "V" shape down the chest. The angular "V" will compliment your height, while its generous spread will work with your width; a perfect balance.
  • Jackets should be tailored long enough to drape over your buttocks, anything shorter will seemed undersized. Side vents work best on big men, concealing an ample rear while affording a wide range of motion.
  • Unless your shoulders are proportionately small, stick with unstructured jacket shoulders.
  • Remember, the details on your clothing, like pockets and Suit Jacket Lapels - A Distinct Sign Of Quality Tailoring">lapels, should all be sized proportionately. This means wider lapels for wider guys and longer pockets for tall men.

While design and construction are extremely important, as a big & tall man, fit should be your primary concern in selecting clothes. At La Rukico Tailors, you won't have to worry about any of these considerations. We offer the highest-quality fabrics in the world, so your garments feel and look uncommonly luxurious. We employ only the most skilled craftsman in the industry, ensuring expert construction. Every detail is up to you. And all this, at the most affordable prices in New York City.

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