Big Men's Clothing New York City

In addition to offering the finest fabrics and expert construction , one of La Rukico Tailors' greatest benefits is having clothes made to fit your body. This is never more important than for large men. Whether too tight or loose and baggy, most off-the-rack options can accentuate your size unbecomingly. La Rukico strives to fill the gaps in an industry geared towards clothing the "average-sized" man.

To start the conversation, we've listed some general style guidelines for larger men below. Sit down with one of La Rukico's experts to discuss your options in more detail. Call 212-753-7848 or visit our Contact page to book an appointment at our Manhattan showroom in New York City.

General Styling Tips For Big Men

Many large men try to hide their size under baggy clothes, but this only makes them look bigger. Others hope that a tight fit will prove slimming, but end up looking squeezed into their outfits. You want to find a middle-ground between too tight and too loose. Your clothes should skim, rather than cling to, your body.

Colors And Patterns

Generally, loud patterns and bright colors should be avoided by large men who don't want to accentuate their frames. Instead, try slimming dark colors and a monochromatic palette. An ensemble built on contrasting colors will appear to cut your body into chunks, emphasizing a large midsection and shortening legs.


  • A classic single breast, two-buttoned suit jacket tends to look best on larger men. Double-breasted jackets, with buttons spanning the belly, accentuate girth. The two-button style has an angular look, with slimming effects.
  • Jackets for large men should be cut longer than is traditional, to appropriately cover an ample rear.
  • Especially important for large men is keeping one's jacket buttoned while standing. The button's central placement will draw eyes upwards along the lapels, to your face.


  • Low-rise trousers that sit around the hips are probably your best option. They'll be far more comfortable than those that sit at your natural waist, and it won't look like your "spilling out" of your pants.
  • There are two schools of thought on trouser pleats. Some consider the angular lines slimming, while others feel they only serve to emphasize your thighs. Try both and see which works best for you.

Big Men In Sartorial History

In contemporary fasion, it's an unbreakable rule: a man should never button the lowest button on his suit jacket. Ever wonder why? King Edward VII, Britain's monarch in the early 20th century, was a large man. The size of Edward's belly made it impossible for him to button his vest at its lowest point. Thinking that the King was starting a new trend, hangers-on began leaving their bottom button's open. The trend took off and never died. Tailors now fit their suits under the assumption that this button will remain unbuttoned.

Looking for more information? chubstr is a great resource for larger men interested in leading fashion-forward lives. Or come straight to one of La Ruckico's experts.