Choosing a Suit for the Summer Months

custom apparel nycAs spring turns into summer and the days become warmer and longer, it’s time to bring out your summer wardrobe. If you don’t have a summer suit, visit bespoke tailors near Manhattan to get fitted for one. While you will probably still wear darker colors and conservative suits during the day at the office, you should have a selection of lighter custom apparel for summer evenings and weekends. Summer suits for men can be comfortable and fashionable if you follow these tips.

Select a More Relaxed Fit

On most occasions when you wear a summer suit, especially outdoors, comfort is paramount. Thus, even if you are the type of man who normally prefers a very close-fitting jacket and ultra-fashionable skinny-cut suit pants, you should have your tailor make you a suit with a looser cut and style for your summer wardrobe. You will probably be wearing your summer suit at events in warm climates, on the beach, or even aboard boats and yachts, so you’ll want room to move without feeling constricted.

Pick a Lighter Fabric

Rich worsted wool fabrics are perfect for the colder months, but in the summer they can feel stifling. A bespoke suit in linen provides the classic look for afternoon and weekend wear in the summertime. For added comfort, choose a light color, anything from white to a very light brown. You might even pair white pants with a colored blazer. And don’t forget about your daytime comfort as well—a custom business suit in a lighter wool, perhaps with lighter lining materials, will keep you from sweating on your way to the office in the warm summer months.

Choose More Casual Styles

Summer suits are always less formal than business attire and evening wear. Even if you normally wear a double-breasted jacket and pleated pants to the office, opt for a single-breasted jacket with flat-front pants for your summer suit. Though men’s suits normally have lining, have your tailor leave the lining out of your summer suit for maximum breathability.