Choosing the Right Colors for Your Custom Suits

The clothes you wear can say a lot about your personality as well as your station in life. When you put on custom apparel in Manhattan, you’ll be conveying confidence and power to those you encounter. You have a number of decisions to make when you decide to get a custom suit, from fit to fabric to color. Certain suit colors are more versatile than others, and can be used for different occasions ranging from business meetings to weddings. Read on to learn about choosing the right colors for your custom suits.
Navy Blue

A navy blue suit is the most versatile choice you can make when it comes to custom apparel. Navy tends to look good on a wide variety of body types and complexions, and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the shirt, shoes, and accessories you choose.

Navy blue is simple and straightforward, yet also clean and classic at the same time. It is an understated choice that can be made more eye-catching by wearing a bold tie, or accessories such as pocket squares. Additionally, navy suits can give the wearer an air of youth without taking away from his confidence.

Charcoal Grey

Charcoal grey suiting is the second most versatile choice. For younger suit wearers, charcoal grey may be a good choice as it can give an impression of a little bit more age. This may especially be helpful for men who are just entering the business world. Charcoal is a neutral color and so can be paired with just about any color shirt, tie, and shoes.

Medium Grey

Medium grey is slightly lighter than charcoal grey, and therefore a little bit less formal. However, most people won't be able to tell the difference if the two colors are not directly next to each other. This is an excellent choice when you are looking to expand your custom suiting options for work or for social occasions.