High-Quality Custom Business Suits NYC

For some, business attire or a business suit is always Black. The timeless truism, ‘clothes maketh the man’ resonates as ever now as it did in past. A great custom fit business suit is not a luxury item in the past only meant for distinguished few; in this egalitarian society, it is for anyone and everyone. Business Suits are an expression of your individual style. Conservative in outlook, chances are that you will dress the same. Flashy outlook on life, odds are that your dress will convey similar sentiment.

In today’s times, men are more selective when to dress up or dress down. A board meeting with a business suit, a business lunch looks more professional with a business suit, a corporate retreat one may wear a blazer or a sports coat.Business Suits are also becoming hip, with design houses like Gucci , Prada, Yves Saint-Laurent, Armani coming out with readymade suit choices. These readymade suits are more appropriate for nightclubs than the business world.

Custom made business suits with fine fabric choices, are designed and styled to impress. We at La Rukico bespoke Tailors, look closely into three key elements of providing exceptional value to our customer’s in their custom made suit: an affordable price, unmatched style and quality and a great collection of Luxury fabrics to choose from. La Rukico Tailors of New York City can help you determine which styles, fabrics, and colors best represent you. We will incorporate all your preferences into a custom-made business suit. New York professionals have trusted us for over 40 years, and we'll gladly use our expertise to help improve your wardrobe

Custom Business Suits – What Is Right For You?

A smorgasbord of choices and opportunities ranging from suit silhouettes, pant fronts, button styles and counts and lapel widths, pricing and fashion awaits you. Am award winning bespoke custom tailor since 1972, “La Rukico” bespoke tailors will guide you every step of the way. Custom Suits can be broken into three basic styles: European styles defined mostly by Italy, British and American.

  • The Italian European: (1) A European Italian suit is known for its padded shoulders, no vents, full-chested and V-shaped jacket and flapless pockets.
  • Classic British: A classic British suit with padded shoulders, two vents, pinched waist and flap pockets sports a military demeanor and is bold, coming with striped or plaid patterns.
  • Traditional American: A traditional American styling consists of a “sack suit” design coming way back from 1920s, sporting natural shoulders and one vent in the back with straight hanging lines and flap pockets.

For custom business suits, we at La Rukico recommend a hand-made bespoke suit, created by highly skilled tailors and craftsmen as an unequivocal choice.

Classic Custom Business wear From La Rukico, NYC

At La Rukico, we offer the best in quality bespoke business suits with tremendous luxury fabric choices. Our suits are made from full canvas construction, are hand-made which allows us to pay attention to every small piece of detail, are durable and more natural fit and come with a wide array of colors, patterns and qualities. One of our expert bespoke tailors at La Rukico Tailors will work closely with you to address the precise look you're going for.

  • Business Suit Color: Black, gray, and navy blue are popular colors for business suits. Gray is an especially good choice for your first bespoke suit..
  • Business Suit Style: We will work with you on an appropriate style which best resonates with the look you want to convey.
  • Business Suit Accessories: Your tailor will have all sorts of ideas on how best to accessorize your new bespoke suit from dress shirts and ties

Men who can benefit from custom business wear

While every businessman can benefit from buying a few custom suits. However, some men have no choice but to get their clothes from a tailor.

  • Tall Men: Men 6'5" and over often have difficulty finding jackets and trousers that are long enough. Height is not a problem for tailors, who can design a suit to fit absolutely any body type.
  • Large Men: Men with large bellies also have trouble finding suits that fit and look flattering. If you're larger than most men, you'll find that a tailor can create a suit that looks better on you than any store-bought suit. Skilled tailors know all sorts of tricks to make large men appear slimmer.

If you need to upgrade your business attire, consider a bespoke business suit custom from La Rukico Tailors of NYC. Please contact us online at La Rukico to schedule an appointment or alternatively you can call us at 212-753-7848 to speak with one of our Manhattan tailors.