Bespoke Custom Pants in New York City for men and women

La Rukico custom pants or trousers is a perfect balance between artistry of a custom tailored fit and comfort. And because we have the finest of fabrics to choose from in designing and customizing your pants or slacks or trousers to suit your style and occasion, the comfort only gets enhanced with the plush feel of the fabric. Each bespoke trouser or pants is hand-made with utmost attention to every small detail, from reinforcing pockets with bar tacks and crescent moon stitches to a canvas interlining in waistbands following the body contours and rubber grippers to hold your shirt firmly in place. The crisp construction of the pants or trousers made from finest of fabrics and designs exemplify your sense of poise, style and design. Our custom pants pricing is affordable and starts at $395.

La Rukico High Quality craftsmanship - Trousers or Pants that stand the test of time

Our commitment to high quality craftsmanship in hand-made pants, slacks, trousers or any custom clothing is at the heart of every garment we manufacture. Our measurement techniques led by our master bespoke tailors is unique with a great attention to detail, however small the detail. We pride ourselves in single canvas construction, there is no cutting of corners or short cuts. Each of our garments is hand-made by a single master tailor, capturing the artist's unique signature and worthiness in the garment. In today's mass produced volume of pants or trousers, we at La Rukico are committed to our craft and the difference in quality of our work is apparent. Sewing by hand is a fluid process, allowing for free movement of component pieces, and more flexibility and range of motion in the finished pants or trousers to accommodate for every small nuance in made to measure (mtm) measurements. We encourage you to try a bespoke tailored pants or trousers to feel the made to measurement difference be it a mens dress pants, slim fit mens pants , tall pants, dress pants for women, winter pants etc

The Custom Trouser Process - La Rukico

Our process for custom trousers or pants / slacks is similar to our custom suits. A unique pattern is made specific to measurements, a time tested process and a differentiating attribute of our craftsmanship. This is followed by fabric and design selection, and basis a casual or dressed look, we will work with you to select a fabric or design which best suits your style and occasion from our extensive library of fine trouser fabrics from the best manufacturing mills in the world. From winter wool's and warm corduroys, to summer cottons, linens, gabardines, flannels, and tweeds, the options are many and we will work with you in helping select the right fabric and every other fine detail to give a customized fit to your taste. The design options can vary from with or without pleats, to a particular style of pocket (on-seam, jean, western pockets with half moon lining and inner structure), to the firmness desired in waistband and side tabs or button fly's to complete the custom look of your trouser or pants/slacks, styled to perfection for both men and women

La Rukico Tailors, NYC

  • Our Promise: We provide Highest quality affordable custom trousers or pants /slacks in NYC, an unmatched value with FREE Alterations. Our dedicated skilled tailors will work with you every step of the process. Our business comes from our customers who are our brand ambassadors.
  • Our Fit Guarantee: Our time tested pattern making process and measurement techniques result in a perfect fit for majority of our first-time clients. If you are not satisfied, we will recut or refund you.
  • Pricing and Lead Times: We offer unmatched value without compromising on quality in manufacturing affordable high quality custom trousers or pants/slacks in NYC all made in USA. You can see our affordable pricing, we will work with you to deliver your trousers or pants/slacks in a time table that fits with your needs.
    • Please setup an appointment or call us at 212-753-7848 for your custom suit. We appreciate your business