Custom Shirts at La Rukico

All of the bespoke suits and shirts we design and create at La Rukico are customized to your body and personal style. We go above and beyond your average New York City tailor by offering custom shirts made of the finest fabrics, such as Alumo, Loro Piana, and Thomas Mason.

At La Rukico, we will take between 12 and 14 measurements for a custom shirt. Then we will help you choose the particular style and cut that fits you best and is appropriate for the occasion. Whether you want a casual shirt that fits well or a formal shirt for a special event, La Rukico has what you're

ooking for. Another thing that sets us apart is how our shirts are made. Unlike other tailors in New York, we do not outsource the construction of our shirts. Fortunately, we are able to bring this quality to you for a great value.