Custom Suits in NYC

Men's Bespoke Custom Suits and Made to Measure (mtm) Clothing

La Rukico master bespoke craftsmen are knowledgeable experts on men’s fashion and customized hand-made bespoke suits. The elegance of our suit construction is complemented with an encyclopedic knowledge of menswear fashion (past and present) as we walk our customers each step of the way on design choices, fabric selection and extensive made to measure measurements to manufacture the finest bespoke custom suits in Manhattan/NYC for all occasions -

Custom Wedding Suits

Please give us minimum 3 weeks time for custom made wedding suits. We will work with your time schedule to give you the perfect fit taking care of each small nuance in this most important day of your life

Custom Made Business Suits, shirts, pants and other ensemble etc

One bespoke custom suit is mandatory in every businessman's closet. A few compelling reasons on skipping the store over a custom made suit The modern marketplace is rife with competition, and how you present yourself matters. A good looking suit brims your confidence, and the articulation of your great ideas. A fine-looking tailored suit helps make a great first impression and holds audience attention during presentations. La Rukico expert tailors help you determine design styles, fabrics, and colors which best represent you, incorporating all your preferences in manufacturing your custom made business suit. We will in conjunction with your suit make sure that your entire ensemble of dress shirts, pants and any other accessories are taken care of with premium fabrics and plentiful choice in designs. New York City professionals have trusted us for over 40 years in our custom handmade suits and are our fervent brand ambassadors

Summer Suits, Winter Suits, Men's fashion designer suits

With our range of premium fabric choices from The House of Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Sherry & Holland, we have a complete repertoire of fabrics to help design and manufacture the finest custom made suits for men for all the four seasons of winter, summer, spring and autumn or for any special occasions. Kelly and our master bespoke craftsmen are experts in mens fashions and will walk you each step of the way in designing and making your custom suit.

Men's formal dress suits, Fitted Prom suits, Sports suits and other tailored fit suits

We pride ourselves in designing the best bespoke quality at an affordable price. Our hand – made tailored fit is done to perfection with attention to all small nuances as we help guide our clients in designs suitable and personalized for men to their own taste and style in their made to measure formal or sports suits. Our tailored mens formal wear dress suits and sports jackets illuminate confidence and a sense of style.

La Rukico History - Custom Suits and Bespoke Tailoring in NYC

La Rukico opened its first store in Manhattan in 1972, to design and produce finest bespoke custom suits in NYC known for their quality and superb craftsmanship with a rich selection of luxurious fabrics and designs to choose from. Each bespoke garment is designed with a quality benchmark of no less than 20 years of longevity with a superlative custom tailoring experience in New York City.

Men's Hand-Made Custom Tailored Suits in NYC have never been so Affordable

We are a Premier bespoke custom tailor known for our quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. Our modern hand-made clothes are designed and manufactured with a time tested process, and our expertise extends in helping our clients navigate challenging fashions and styles, some being timeless and some changing every year by working closely with them on all special occasions be it Weddings, Business Attire, Casual or Contemporary Settings etc. Our measurement techniques are both art and science to achieve a perfect match to wearer’s body and in emphasizing right body contours to bring your persona alive!

We manufacture custom suits proudly made in Unites States and employ New York’s finest bespoke tailoring craftsmen. We are unmatched in our value of providing affordable custom suits in NYC meeting our high standards of quality driven by uniqueness of our patterns and measurement techniques, and a personalized experience from our team of skilled professionals. Check our broad selection of fine high quality fabrics. We offer finest fabrics from

Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil and more!
to help design and manufacture your perfect custom suit in NYC, and have been outfitting some of the best-dressed men in Manhattan for over 40 years

Made to Measure Tailoring in NYC

All made to measure suits and clothes are hand-tailored and bear a close resemblance in design and quality to our bespoke products. Like our bespoke products, each made to measure suit goes through our final fitting process and is finished and pressed in our bespoke workshop in Manhattan. Made to measure suits are a great value and investment at half the cost of a bespoke suit.

The Perfect Custom Suit Process at La Rukico Tailors, NYC

  • Measurement: The experience begins with a visit to our Manhattan showroom on 152 east 48th street, New York NY. You will probably be greeted by tailoring maestro Kelly if you have scheduled an appointment. Kelly will start a comprehensive measuring process of over 35 measurements capturing your body contours from the slope of your shoulder, back arch etc. This is also a good time to determine which suit style most agrees with you based on the occasion.
  • Fabric Selection: Once measurements have been taken, we will help you select fabrics from our library of highest quality fabrics, from best manufacturing textile industries in the world known for both quality and value - Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, Alumo, Thomas Mason and more!. We will show you various suit material options (cotton, wool, linen, flannel etc) and help you understand the properties of each.
  • Construction & Fitting: Your measurements and fabrics will than be delivered to our skilled bespoke tailors who will create unique patterns and follow our time tested tailoring process to create a magic fit to bring that unique you alive! All custom suits are hand-made with full canvas construction using no glue or any other synthetics. The final garment is returned to our showroom and is ready for a fitting. We take great pride in the fact that our unique measurement techniques and pattern making process ensure a 100% flattering fit to your body. Our in-house tailors will make any necessary tweaks or alterations if needed to your satisfaction. We will communicate with you every step of the way during the construction and fitting process. Generally speaking, the average suit takes a few weeks to complete but we will work with you to work around any pressing schedules.
  • Personalization: All your essential measurement details and small nuances are captured in our database for future orders along with your unique pattern to make that second custom suit a breeze.

Custom Suit Considerations and Finer Details of our Bespoke Craftsmanship

Our tailors work with you in a personalized way in helping you design your custom suit for both men and women. During your measurements, we will work on things like

  • Custom Suit Style: Your preference and latest design trends. From a Two-button, three-button, single breasted, double breasted, one vent, two vents; we will pick a suit style best suited to the occasion. There's no limit to what you can do with a bespoke suit. Our skilled tailors will help you narrow down the possibilities based on your personal preferences, from adding buttons from Benson and Clegg to your sleeve, adjusting sleeve length and other key details which flatter your body contours.
  • Custom Shirt: We will custom make dress shirts to create an attractive bespoke ensemble if needed. Custom made dress shirts provide special benefit to big and tall men who have trouble finding shirts in stores.
  • Finer Details: All our garments are proudly made in USA, allowing us a greater control on quality standards and on each small detail of construction. We always use a full canvas. Our garments do not pucker or bubble, there is a right blend finesse of strength and softness in our shoulder pads giving you a clean comfortable feel without that heavy padded feeling. The suit jacket collars are hand sewn to ensure a clean fit with no creasing or bunching.

The Ensemble - Custom Sports Jackets, Shirts & Accessories going with hand-made Custom Suits

Custom shirts and sports jackets complement your custom suits and have an informal or semi-formal appeal to suit a Vegas romp, or relaxing at Martha’s vineyards, or a fancy night out in NYC or just cooling your heels in some famous watering hole. The entire ensemble is soul uplifting as you experience the design and quality construction of your custom shirts, custom trousers or pants or slacks and custom sports jackets made from the finest of fabrics coming from best mills in the world.

La Rukico Tailors, NYC

  • Our Promise: We provide Highest quality affordable custom suits in NYC, an unmatched value with FREE Alterations. Our dedicated skilled tailors will work with you every step of the process. Our business comes from our customers who are our brand ambassadors.
  • Our Fit Guarantee: Our time tested pattern making process and measurement techniques result in a perfect fit for majority of our first-time clients. If you are not satisfied, we will recut or refund you.
  • Pricing and Lead Times: We offer unmatched value without compromising on quality in manufacturing affordable high quality custom suits in NYC all made in USA. You can see our affordable pricing, we will work with you to deliver your suit in a time table that fits with your needs.
    • Please setup an appointment or call us at 212-753-7848 for your custom suit. We appreciate your business