Dress Code: Dressing for Business

You might be the life of the party at night, but from 9 to 5, you are all business. If you would like to project a strong image and ensure that you are taken seriously in the workplace, it helps to work closely with your tailor in New York City. Custom suits from a bespoke tailor will help you look as sharp as possible where it counts. Although what your suit looks like is up to you, there are some helpful guidelines you can follow. Keep reading for a few tips on following the dress code and dressing for business. Dressing for business

Fit Is Everything

If you want your new suit to impress your boss, it is important that you make sure it fits right. Fortunately, a bespoke tailor can ensure that your suit fits your body flawlessly. You could have a suit that looks great on a hanger, but you won’t know how you pull it off until you try it on for yourself. Properly fitting clothing will hug your body in a comfortable way; your sleeves and pant legs won’t droop, but they won’t constrict you either.

Consider Your Combinations

There is nothing wrong with being creative in your combinations, but you should make sure that the articles of clothing that you choose will work well together. When it comes to plaids, polka dots, and similar patterns, feel free to mix and match your shirts and ties. As far as your suit is concerned, however, it is wise to keep it traditional and work with darker blues, blacks, and greys. Make sure any patterns you wear are worked into your ensemble subtly and tastefully.

Spare the Jewelry

The office is not the best place to make a statement with your jewelry; instead, consider keeping your look simple and refined. You may want to limit your jewelry to your wedding wring and a simple watch. There are few pieces of jewelry that are specifically geared toward workplace wear, and facial piercings are not among them; try to keep your dress slightly conservative and focused on business.