New York’s premier custom men’s clothier, La Rukico Tailors uses only the highest quality materials. With over a century of experience, Ermenegildo Zegna is one of the most renowned fabric manufacturers in the world.


Founded in 1910, Ermenegildo Zegna has been synonymous with the finest in menswear from its beginning. Michelangelo Zegna and his sons Edouardo, Mario and Ermenegildo built their first mill in Trivero, Piedmont, Italy. This unassuming facility would eventually become the foundation of an undisputed menswear empire.

In 1915, the company changed its name to Fratelli Zegna di Angelo, and by 1924, the company had grown to employ 450 factory workers operating 60 looms in its woolen mills. In 1929, they registered the trade name "Electa" as a symbol of the quality and superiority of its fine woolen fabrics.

Social & Environmental Pioneer

An early pioneer of the modern "Green" movement, the company began a reforestation project in Trivero that has resulted in the planting of over 500,000 trees since 1929. In 2000, it founded Fondazione Zegna to oversee environmental initiatives.

In another pioneering move, the company began promoting its fabrics under the brand name Zegna in 1932. In 1934, HRH Queen Elena awarded the company the gold medal of excellence. Zegna went on to participate in many world events, including the 1937 Paris World Exposition, and the 1941 New York Menswear Exhibition, where it took first place.

Zegna Fabric Innovations

In 1938, the company opened a branch in New York to distribute fabric to the city's most discerning tailors. By 1947, their New York location employed over 1,000 workers. In 1961, the company introduced a fabric known as "120,000 Centoventimila." This groundbreaking fabric preceded "summer weight" wool by many years, and is so light that one kilogram of yarn is 120,000 meters long.

The company followed this innovation introducing more high quality lightweight woolens, including 18 milmil 18, and 17 milmil 17 merino wools, made from thread so fine it is measured in microns (one thousandth of a millimeter). The introduction of innovative fabrics Trofeo, Parioli, Tindari, Palinuro and Zen followed in short order. The company continued to introduce more innovative and lightweight fabrics each year, and created awards for Australian sheep farmers who bred the finest wools.


During this same period, the company introduced its ready-to-wear (Prêt-á-Porter) line, and began manufacturing fine knitwear. In 1972, Zegna launched the Su Misura made-to-measure service using its own innovative fabrics and designs. Successful launches of accessory, fragrance, eyewear and leather goods followed, and the company opened its first boutique in Paris in 1980. Boutiques in Milan, London, New York and China, as well as other fashion capitals, followed soon after.

Among the singular honors awarded to Zegna fabric was its selection for the interior of the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer 5121. In 1999, the company acquired renowned textile manufacturer Agnona, and continued innovating in ever-finer, lightweight fabrics that drape beautifully and move with the body.


With such a long heritage of prestige fabrics and fashion innovation, it's no wonder people all over the world covet Ermenegildo Zegna products, but the most coveted product of all continues to be its incredible variety of comfortable, lightweight fabrics woven.


From the new "Fabric No 1," inspired by the very first fabric woven by Zegna's founder, to its ethically harvested worsted Vicuna, to the High Performance Cool Effect Fabric, the choices are nearly endless for your bespoke suit or other apparel.

These fabrics speak to your fashion sense, your love of comfort, and your appreciation for superior design and excellence in innovation. Combined with custom tailoring, these top-quality fabrics make a suit that is truly a lifetime investment. No matter what the occasion, you will find an elegant fabric that is suitable for the season and the event.


Our custom men's tailors can help you to select exactly the right Ermenegildo Zegna fabric and design for your suit or jacket, and our hand-tailoring ensures that your suit's fit is perfect. If you are interested in finely-tailored, fashion-conscious bespoke menswear, an Ermenegildo Zegna custom garment from La Rukico is your best choice.

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