Fabrics to Consider for Your Custom Suit

While designing your custom suit with the tailor near New York City and Manhattan, you will have a variety of fabrics to consider. You cannot go wrong with any of the following fabrics, though each have their own separate qualities. Speak with your tailor or suit designer about your daily activities and work. He will help you choose the perfect fabric to make up your new custom suit.


With summer in full bloom, you deserve a custom suit that will breath and feel light on your body. Cotton is an inexpensive and durable fabric that will allow you great movement and breathability whether you are rushing to a meeting or relaxing in the park.


If you want to look like a million dollars, then you need to wear the fabric nicknamed the "Diamond Fiber." Mohair is made from the hair of Angora goats, so it keeps a beautiful shine when made into a custom suit or sport jacket. Mohair is a lightweight and silky fabric that holds dye very well, meaning your custom apparel can come in a variety of colors.


When someone hears the word cashmere, he knows he is in the presence of an extremely elegant fabric. Cashmere is an exceptional fabric with amazing insulation, making it perfect to wear during any season. It is incredibly soft to touch, and comes in a variety of colors and styles. You will never go wrong with an always-stylish cashmere suit across your body.


There are few fabrics better suited for New York than wool. While it is the perfect fabric to wear during the winter, you can also wear wool during rainy seasons due to its natural water-repelling design. If you are looking for a softer woolen fabric, try out merino wool. It has the same insulating benefits as regular wool, but it is much softer and more comfortable on skin. Merino wool is a refined fabric that is machine-washable for your convenience.