Factors to Consider When Getting a Tailored Suit

custom suit in nycAn important boardroom meeting, a night out at the opera or the symphony, a dinner date at a fine restaurants—these are just of the many occasions when a man needs a fine suit to look his best. No matter how famous the brand or how expensive it is, off-the-rack men’s suits will never fit as well or look as sharp as bespoke suits. When your tailor is fitting you for your next custom suit in New York City, consider the following factors:

Jacket Cut

The style of the jacket you choose is one of the most important factors that contributes to your custom suit’s overall look. Not all blazers for men provide the same level of formality. To select the right jacket style, consider where you plan to wear your suit. A single-breasted suit jacket is formal enough for any occasion that doesn’t explicitly require a tuxedo. The number of buttons on your jacket will determine how conservative or trendy your look is. For example, a three-button jacket is always proper business attire, and a single-button jacket is very fashion-forward.

Trouser Fit

The cut and fit of your trousers also determines how sober or trendy your suit will look. Currently, flat-front, narrow leg pants are in fashion; however, this style may not be right for your body type or for your office. If you do order custom pants with a narrow fit, reserve this suit for evening occasions. For the office, straight-leg trousers with a soft break are the most traditional look. The choice of other details, such as pleats and cuffs, is up to your personal taste and your tailor’s recommendations.

Fabric Choice

A well-dressed Manhattan man should have several suits in different fabrics for changing seasons and occasions. For an office suit, choose dark navy, brown, or grey wool, with very light patterns. You can choose black wool or bolder, more fashion-forward patterns for evening wear. Bright colors and lighter fabrics, such as cotton and linen, should be reserved for summer wear.