Finding the Right Occasion for a Sports Coat

You take great pride in your appearance, and the way you look and dress can affect the way others perceive you—in both positive and negative ways. When the occasion calls for something a little more casual than a bespoke suit in Manhattan, a sports coat might be the right choice. A sports coat is a great choice for business casual events, and will make you stand out from your peers who are merely wearing shirts and ties. When you wear a sports jacket, a tie is optional, and its absence will show off your personal style without being overly casual. If you have a happy hour with colleagues to attend, or it's casual Friday in your office, grab a sports jacket out of your closet and pair it with well-fitting slacks or denim. A dress shirt underneath your sports coat keeps your look pulled together, and makes it a bit more versatile for a day at the office or a night on the town.