Fine Fabrics Used at La Rukico Tailors

La Rukico Tailors is a renowned for New York City formal wear, including custom suits, custom shirts, and custom tuxedos. To ensure our expertise is used to its fullest potential, we craft our custom clothing using only the finest fabrics. To learn more about the types of high-end fabrics we use to create our clothing, read on.


Made from natural materials, cotton is breathable, lightweight, and adaptable. Unlike synthetic fabrics, which trap moisture and air, cotton allows air to pass through the fibers. This is why wearing cotton allows you to stay drier and more comfortable on a hot day.

Fine Fabrics New York City


Made from sheep and similar animals, wool is a highly sought-after material for the bitter-cold winters in New York City. It's great at insulating, whether it's a wool sport coat or wool socks. Wool repels water, so it will keep you dry during a light snow or rain. Fortunately, wool is also fire resistant, so it won't melt when it's next to a flame.


One of the most elegant fibers in the world, cashmere is lightweight, durable, and stylish. Because of its unique construction, it is highly versatile, able to allow its wearer to stay warm or cool off depending on the environment. Cashmere has a natural stretchiness to it, and is much softer than other wool fabrics.


Merino wool is ideal for cold New York City winters because it's durable, soft, and comfortable. It's very easy to care for and durable; in fact, merino wool clothes are typically machine washable. And you don't have to worry about the static electricity you get with other garments, because merino wool is naturally resistant to it.


Also called the diamond fiber, mohair gives you many of the advantages of wool without any of the discomfort and itchiness that some people experience. In addition to its durability, mohair is resistant to both bacteria and odor. Even after being crumpled up and twisted, mohair is able to maintain its shape, making it one of the best fabrics for men's suits.