Getting the Right Dress Shirt Fit

If you have spent a lot of time and money putting together a collection of custom suits, then the last thing you want to do is pair them with dress shirts that don't fit you well. You should invest just as much effort into purchasing custom shirts in New York City so that your look is complete every time you put one of your suits on. Custom shirts should fit you well in all of the key areas. Check out how you will know if a custom shirt is fitting you the way it's supposed to below.


There is a seam where the sleeves of your dress shirt attach to the body of the shirt, which you can use as a guide to indicate whether or not a shirt fits you properly. If this seam is near the top of your shoulders, then your custom shirts are the right size. However, if it is hanging down below your shoulders, your shirts are too large.


Unfortunately, most men don't know the size of their necks and end up wearing dress shirts that are either too tight or too loose. Find out your neck size when you have your custom suits created by a tailor, or do a simple test when you put your dress shirt on by sticking two fingers into your collar. If your fingers fit too easily, your collar is too loose. If they don't fit at all, it's too tight.


When you are wearing a dress shirt, people should be able to see what your body looks like underneath of it. That doesn't mean that the shirt needs to be extremely tight, but it should feel snug around your chest area. If it doesn't, your dress shirt is likely too loose on you.


Far too many men wear dress shirts that have sleeves that are too long. The extra fabric can bunch on them and create an unflattering look. Your dress shirt should fall near the base of your thumb. This will ensure that it doesn't stick out too far under your custom suits.