La Rukico Custom Tailors has been dressing New York's men in the best hand-sewn clothes since 1972.

We use only the highest quality raw materials for all custom menswear made by our expert bespoke tailors. One such source of this is Holland & Sherry, please see a brief history below for your pleasure. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a fitting please contact us.


Discerning individuals understand the difference that a fine luxury fabric makes in comfort and appearance, especially in a bespoke garment. The luster, hang, and drape set of Holland & Sherry fabrics sets it apart from other fine woolens and cloths. In appearance and in touch, this fine fabric represents the epitome of the weaver's art.

Holland and Sherry History

Holland and Sherry have been in business since 1836, when Stephen George Holland and Frederick Sherry started their business, as merchants specializing in wool and silk cloths. Over the years, the company opened sales offices in New York, South America, Saint Petersburg, and other European cities.

After purchasing Scottish wool merchant Lowe Donald in 1968, the company centralized distribution at a warehouse in Peebles, Scotland. In 1982, Holland and Sherry took its rightful place at the pinnacle of haberdashery, moving its headquarters to world-famous Savile Row, where it remains today. Over the years, Holland and Sherry purchased nearly twenty additional wool companies and now stands alone as the last remaining cloth merchant from London's original "Golden Square."

Holland & Sherry Cloth

Holland & Sherry fabrics are woven from the best quality merino, cashmere, vicuna, mohair, silk, cotton and linen to ensure superior cloth suitable for any event or season. The company engages in continuous research in fiber science, sources its own raw materials, including vicuna and cashmere, and employs skilled craftsmen who weave fabrics according to traditional methods. The exceptional cloths made by Holland & Sherry are always in good taste, enhancing wearer comfort, shine and appearance in any garment.

Each season, Holland & Sherry introduces a new collection of cloth in a range of materials, colors, and weights, including linens, cashmeres, and silks, as well as the tweeds and woolens for which it is so justifiably famous. Colors range from vibrant to muted, and there are beautiful plaid, striped or patterned wools, sumptuous velvets, as well as the finest cotton corduroy and moleskin for casual wear.

Holland & Sherry's "permanent" collection includes fabrics appropriate for any occasion, from formal events to golf tournaments, in weights from the lightest tropical woolens to ruggedly attractive and warm Harris Tweeds. There are elegant silks for linings in colors and patterns that allow one to express one's personality and inner flair while keeping a sedate exterior.

Solid brass buttons

The Holland & Sherry gold button collection includes beautiful handmade brass buttons in designs ranging from simple to ornate, all unfailingly elegant. Like all Holland & Sherry products, the craftsmen who hand-make the buttons take immense pride in the quality of their work.

The company began producing brass buttons for the military, as well as civilians, in the mid to late 1800s. The company makes each individually stamped button from a solid piece of brass, and then craftsmen hand buff and plate each button with either a silver, bronze or gold finish. Most buttons include from one to three colors of enamel detail, adding to their aura of distinctive elegance. The craftsmen complete up to 19 individual steps for each button.


If you appreciate the high quality inherent in Holland & Sherry cloths, La Rukico Tailors New York is the destination place for your bespoke suits, shirts and casual wear. We pride ourselves in the quality of our bespoke craftsmanship and your complete satisfaction, by ensuring that the workmanship and fit of your bespoke apparel is worthy of the luxury cloths from Holland & Sherry.

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