Should You Invest in Custom Shirts?

You can have a wardrobe full of custom shirts and designer ties, but that doesn't mean you should walk out of the house with any shirt-tie combination. Learning to match your shirts and ties is an art that can help you look your best on any occasion. Read this brief guide to learn about shirt and tie pairing, and speak to your New York City tailor for more fashion tips.

Echo the Color of the Shirt

Men often have the most difficulty pairing shirts and ties because they don't understand the color rules. For a sleek and sophisticated look, try an analogous color combination. For example, pair a solid dark blue tie with a light blue shirt or a maroon tie with a pink shirt. For contrasting color combinations, just make sure the tie repeats the same dominate colors from your shirt. And remember to never wear a tie that is the

Match Small and Large Patterns

Fantastic and elegant combinations can arise when the tie and shirt have completely different patterns—as long as you follow the rules, of course. If your shirt has a small pattern, wear a tie with a larger one. If you have a favorite tie, ask your tailor to design a custom shirt that will complement the tie's pattern.

Vary Pattern Type

When pairing a patterned shirt and tie, there are some simple rules to adhere to. First, avoid having the same pattern appear in both your shirt and tie. The patterns on your tie should also be larger and bolder than the patters on your shirt. Having patterns of the same size and/or type can result in an overly busy look. Your New York City can provide more advice for pattern-on-pattern shirt and tie combinations.