At La Rukico Tailors, we offer our customers only the highest-quality fabrics in the world. Loro Piana is a company of rare distinction, dedicated to ethically sourcing rare materials and producing exquisite fabrics.


Loro Piana is an Italian company that specializes in sourcing extremely exclusive raw materials and developing techniques for their processing. While the company was officially founded in 1924, the Loro Piana family has been trading in woolen products since the early 19th century. Now, after six generations of family-owned operation, Loro Piana focuses solely on the acquisition of rare fibers. Loro Piano's methods combine cutting-edge innovations with a deep respect for the natural world.


Loro Piana gained fame by becoming the world's largest cashmere processor. Cashmere wool is an extremely fine fiber found in the neck hair of goats. American law dictates that a garment can only be classified as cashmere if the average diameter of its fibers does not exceed 19 microns, which equal one thousandth of a millimeter. This fine fiber creates an exquisitely soft fabric used to manufacture luxury garments and accessories.

Loro Piano's cashmere comes from China and Mongolia. Working in tandem with Mongolian herders, Loro Piana discovered a fiber known as baby cashmere. Produced only once during a goat's lifetime and singularly soft, baby cashmere must be combed from kid goats before they age 12 months. After a year, kid's wool begins to calcify, becoming harder and less luxurious. Each kid produces only 30 grams of usable fiber, making baby cashmere one of the most precious fibers in the world.


Loro Piana travelled high into the Andes in search of the rare vicuña, a relative of the camel native only to the alpine regions of South America. Producing an incomparably soft wool, vicuña can only be shorn every three years and are nearly impossible to domesticate.

As early as the 13th century CE, vicuña wool was being woven by the Inca, reserved solely for the garments of royalty. After the Spanish conquered the Incan Empire, vicuña wool came into high demand and the species was nearly hunted to extinction. By the time the vicuña were listed as endangered, in 1974, only 6,000 remained.

Now, with the help of Loro Piana, the vicuña population is steadily growing. In 2008, the company purchased an 8 square mile preserve in Peru, where 2000 vicuña now flourish. These animals are still used by the indigenous Peruvian population in fertility rites.


Dedicated to the preservation of unique textile traditions, Loro Piana's most recent offering comes From the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar, formerly Burma. Using sappy filaments found in the stems of wild lotus flowers, villagers in Myanmar have been weaving a fabric similar to raw silk for centuries. The fiber is painstakingly prepared, completely by hand, on looms that would not look out of place in the 15th century.

Until recently, this lotus "silk" was used only to weave the ceremonial robes of Buddhist monks. Now that the fiber is in international demand, Loro Piana's patronage has afforded the lotus fiber craftsman of Myanmar a sustainable source of income.

La Rukico Tailors is dedicated to bringing its customers the most unique fabric options available. Obviously, Loro Piana fits the bill. Offering only rare fabrics, Loro Piana is one of the most distinguished textile manufacterers in the world. Speak with one of our expert consultants today about adding a Loro Piana garment to your wardrobe.

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