Matching Your Shoes to Your Suit

There are few things more off-putting to a beautiful custom suit than matching it with the wrong shoes. At Tailor Dot Com, our tailors in New York would be happy to help you match shoes to your custom apparel.

A black suit should always be paired with black shoes—aside from that, there are no steadfast rules regarding which color shoes go with which color suits and ties. There are, however, certain winning combinations of shoes and suits. Continue reading to find out more about them.

Navy Suits

Navy suits go well with many different colors of leather shoes. Black shoes pair with navy to create a formal look, while brown shoes give it a more relaxed look. For a fun and sophisticated look, pair a navy suit with burgundy or red leather dress shoes.

Light and Medium Gray Suits

Slightly less formal than a navy suit, gray suits are also very flexible as far as shoes go. Brown or burgundy shoes will lend a casual look, and look best when there is a pattern or color to the shirt as well. Black shoes are the best option when you are going for a formal or business look, and should be paired with a white shirt.

Charcoal Gray Suits

Black shoes look great with a charcoal gray suit for formal and business events, while a dark burgundy provides an elegant yet slightly less formal look. Brown shoes, on the other hand, do not work with a charcoal gray suit. Dark browns do not match with charcoal gray, and a light brown shoe is eye-catchingly informal.

Brown Suits

Brown suits should never be matched with black shoes. They do, however, look good with brown shoes, provided that the brown is not an identical or nearly identical shade of brown. In other words, the brown in the shoes should provide a contrast to the brown suit. In general, it's best to pair a brown shoe that's slightly darker than the brown suit, but this is not a strict rule. Red or burgundy shoes are also appropriate.