Must-Have Items That Should Be in Every Man's Wardrobe

Maintaining a stellar wardrobe can do wonders for your confidence, and can open a number of doors in both your professional and your personal life. Visiting a tailor in Manhattan is a good start down the road to impeccable style—simply ask your tailor for suggestions on what types of items belong in your closet, and it won’t be long before you achieve the type of manly style you see in the movies.

Bespoke Suits

An exquisitely made custom suit is the number one item that every man should have in his closet. Even if you only wear a suit a few times a year, you’ll still be glad that you have it. Wool is the tried-and-true suit fabric, and black, charcoal, and navy are considered classic suit colors. Once you lock down the basics, you might venture into the world of less common fabrics, styles, and colors.

Shirts and Ties

Even if you only own one suit, keeping a wide assortment of shirts and ties will make it seem like your wardrobe is much more robust. Don't hesitate to experiment with different combinations of shirts, ties, and suits; you'll find that shirts and ties come in all different colors, patterns, and textures.

Belts and Shoes

Keeping a few belts and pairs of dress shoes will round out your wardrobe. When it comes to shoes, all you really need is one black pair and one brown pair. The same goes with belts—some belts are reversible, with black on one side and brown on the other. In terms of shoe style, you might experiment with wingtips, square toes, round-toes—whatever you find appealing.

Other Accessories

Once you factor in accessories, the style possibilities are endless. Though accessories aren't essential to the average man's wardrobe, they can add a lot if deployed correctly. The pocket square is an especially useful accessory that can give your suit an extra splash of style. For help honing in on your style, you might also experiment with vests, suspenders, tie clips, and cuff links.