Dormeuil Bespoke Collection – Pick your Dormeuil Fabric Brand for your custom suit

The old history of The House of Dormeuil is immersed with a constant quest to search for the rare and luxurious. Dominic Dormeuil explores breeding farms around the world each year to select the most precious fibers to produce exceptional fabrics, a hallmark of ‘The House of Dormeuil’. From this precious fibers, after shearing or harvesting, comes a number of treatment steps to transform these fibers into high-quality yarn for weaving. The next steps in the production process take place in England, in the hands of the best weavers and leading experts.

The Made in England stamp – Dormeuil’s fabric manufacturing premises are located in Leeds, and is the birthplace of the international textile industry. The lush green valleys of Leeds irrigated by the Pennine water with its unique properties, the best worsted weavers and leading experts in fabric finishing set up the textile business more than a century ago.