The Power of a Blazer

Men's suits come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, but which one is right for you? Blazers for men can be a great choice, but only if they are worn the right way. When worn properly, they can be great for casual or formal wear. Watch this video clip for a closer look at the power of a men's blazer in NYC.

A men's blazer is a powerful article of clothing; it demands attention, establishes your look, and can even help you appear slimmer. Wearing a blazer is one way of breaking out of the mundane and the routine. It is a masculine garment that is symbolic of power, success, and upward mobility. Blazers are not necessarily all business, however. You can also dress a blazer down and wear it with your favorite t-shirt and your most comfortable pair of jeans. Thanks to its versatility, a blazer can be worn however you choose.