At La Rukico Tailors, we've dedicated ourselves to offering customers the finest fabrics in the world.

As part of our commitment, we feature fabrics by Scabal, a pioneer in the field of exclusive, luxury fabrics that remains closely tied to the age-old traditions of weaving.

Founded in 1938, Scabal is a Belgium-based fabric manufacturer, dedicated to using only the finest materials and latest technological innovations. Although Scabal has grown considerably over the years, introducing a line of ready-to-wear suits in 1974 and a catalogue of Italian-made accessories in 1994, their focus remains on producing luxury fabrics. Every season, Scabal releases 20-30 new fabrics with 30-40 new colors and designs for each.


A seemingly limitless font of innovation, Scabal were pioneers in the textile use of precious metals and jewels, incorporating 22 carat gold along with Australian merino wool in their "Gold Treasure" fabric and diamond fragments with silk in "Diamond Chip." The cutting-edge techniques developed by Scabal to produce these fabrics are now industry standards.


But Scabal hasn't turned its back on tradition. To balance its trail-blazing methods, Scabal set up its main production facility in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England, a region steeped in textile history.

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, Huddersfield served as a hub for textile artisans, whose skills contributed greatly to England's economic growth during the 18th century. With the Revolution came the colonization of Huddersfield, as large companies peppered the Yorkshire landscape with weaving factories, hoping to exploit the talents of Huddersfield's craftsman. In protest, the artisans began to destroy machinery and mills. Parliament was forced to introduce regulations that would improve conditions for those working in the mills, and provide welfare to those who had been driven out of business.

In the history of British textiles, Huddersfield symbolizes the triumph of hand-made, quality craftsmanship over mass-produced monotony. Scabal draws its own vision from the ideals of the Huddersfield artisans, that only the finest craftsmanship, only the most unique fabrics will do.

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