Specialty Sizes New York City

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. For centuries, this fact was honored out of necessity. Without large-scale production technologies, clothes had to be made exclusively for their wearer. Now companies grow larger everyday, seeking bigger profits at lower production costs. This is the logic behind one-size-fits-all, manufacturing garments that don't need to be tailored because they are designed to fit an "average-sized" person.

Unfortunately, this leaves uniquely sized individuals out of the loop. At La Rukico Tailors, none of this matters. Effectively, each of our clients is able to create their own personal "brand." Think of us as your very own fashion house, where clothes are designed to your personal style and specifically made to fit your body.

We've broken down specialized sizing into four categories. On the following pages, you can dive deeper into what may suit your body. We've also offered some expert Tailor's Tips!

Clothing For Large Men

For bigger men, off-the-rack clothes are more a hindrance than anything else. Large companies seem more interested in hiding your size than flattering it. At La Rukico, we want to work with your body, not fight against it. For details, check out our page on Big Men's Custom Clothing.

Clothing For Tall Men

The clothing industry generally considers taller men to be over 6'2." That's a fine starting point, but big companies usually couple height with width, assuming that you're wider around the waist. What about men who are tall and slim? La Rukico cuts garments to your size, not the height that will make us the most money Visit our Tall & Slim Custom Clothing page to learn more.

Clothing For Big & Tall Men

Although the clothing industry seems to offer options for big & tall men, these "specialty" garments usually fit poorly and are stylistically uninspired. For big & tall men seeking comfort and fashion, La Rukico is the perfect choice! Check out our Big & Tall Custom Men's Clothing page to learn more.

Clothing For Small Men

More so than any other uniquely-sized demographic, Little People are ignored by the clothing industry. That's why if you want to look your best, custom tailoring is essential! Learn more on our Little People/Dwarfism Custom Clothing page.