Spotlight on Mohair

There are a number of considerations that might cross your mind when you visit your tailor in New York City in order to purchase a new custom shirt or sport jacket. While you might be initially concerned with how the suit looks, it is equally important to consider how it feels. Suits made with different fabrics may feel substantially different to the touch, resulting in a completely different experience for the wearer. Many men choose mohair suits for the variety of benefits that comes along with this particular type of fabric. Continue on as we put the spotlight on mohair.

A great suit feels as great as it looks, and when your suit is made from mohair fabric, you can bet that this will be the case. Aside from the itchiness, many of the qualities of wool can also be attributed to mohair fabric. It is a versatile material that can be used in all kinds of suit styles and designs, and it is durable enough to stand the test of time. Mohair can be especially beneficial due to its ability to hide odor and resist bacteria. If you are looking for a fabric that can beautifully maintain its shape, consider mohair.