Suit Jackets vs. Blazers: What You Need to Know

Most men don’t know the differences between suit jackets and mens blazers. They believe that they are one in the same, and it doesn’t help matters when many retailers market suit jackets and blazers in the same way. It has led many men to get confused by the two. If you are looking to buy formal wear in New York City, you should start by learning about the differences between suit jackets and mens blazers. Here are some of the differences between them. blazer vs suit jacket

Suit jackets are sold with matching custom pants.

When you purchase a suit jacket, it will come with a pair of custom pants that complete the suit. You can buy suit jackets without pants, but these jackets were still created with the intention of being paired with pants and are not meant to be worn with other pants. Some men make the mistake of trying to wear a suit jacket in place of a blazer with a pair of trousers or even jeans. This is not advisable as the suit jacket is not meant to be worn in this fashion.

Suit jackets provide a snugger fit than mens blazers.

When you wear mens blazers, you can often wear them with a button-up shirt underneath or a thicker dress shirt. This is not the case with suit jackets. Suit jackets are designed to be paired with custom shirts that fit you right since you won’t have a lot of extra room in your suit jacket for a short. If you try to wear a thicker button-up shirt under a suit jacket, it will look very bulky. Mens blazers give you more room to operate and are not as snug as suit jackets.

Suit jackets are far more formal than blazers.

If you are attending a casual lunch meeting or a conference that calls for you to dress somewhat comfortably, mens blazers are a great option. You will still look business-like in one, but you won’t be overdressed. Suit jackets, on the other hand, are a more formal option and thus should be worn to all formal events.