Tall & Slim Custom Clothing in New York

For tall men and women, finding the right clothing can be a challenge. Off-the-rack garments are made to "fit" as many bodies as possible, which means the clothing industry caters primarily to average-sized people. While the average male height in America is 5'9″, there are an estimated 3.5 million American men over 6'2″. The average American woman is 5'4″, but over one million American women are taller than 5'10″. Those are huge portions of the population to miss. That's where we step in.

At La Rukico Tailors, we make every garment to your specific measurements, so there’s no question of getting the perfect fit. To book an appointment at our Manhattan showroom, call 212-753-7848 or visit our contact page.

Below, we’ve presented some general style guidelines that might help taller slim people look their best (see here for Big & Tall).


The key to dressing tall people is proportionality, making sure no body part looks over or undersized in relation to the others. To balance height, clothes should add mass to your body, creating an illusion of greater width. If you're thin, avoid excess cloth at all costs; you don't have any rolls to hide.


Any way to add horizontal breadth to your wardrobe is probably a good thing.

  • Blazers and sport jackets with structured shoulders can help, because they bulk up your chest.
  • Try broad belts, vests, and double-breasted suits. They’ll draw eyes to your mid-section, breaking up the vertical lines of your outfit.
  • Larger-than-average trouser cuffs can make long legs look more proportional.


Avoid vertical lines when designing your ensemble; they'll end up making you look gangly. Pinstripes are an especially unflattering choice for most tall people. Instead, try horizontal patterns that draw eyes away from the center of your body, adding width. For suits, windowpanes and broad checks work well.


Height can bring a lot of benefits. In America, it means higher pay. Around the globe, it's linked to physical attractiveness. But in fashion, height generally means ill-fitting clothes or costly alterations.

La Rukico Tailors wants to change that. The finest fabrics and expert construction in clothing made expressly for your measurements, at the most affordable prices in New York.