Kurt Hildebrandt

This is now my go-to tailor shop. I needed a pair of Rag & Bone jeans hemmed. Max did an incredible job and turned them around very quickly. All the guys are super friendly. Highly recommend.

Derek Swanner

Mr. Kelly and his staff are top notch. I get all my suits and shirts here. From their measurements to the how quickly they get you your custom suit it is a seamless process. I would recommend them for all custom fitting outfits. Weddings, work attire etc. They are the best.

Domenick D

New York, NY

I've been going to La Rukico since about 1992 and over the past 20 years I have purchased in excess of 20 suits. The fabric has always been top quality and Mr. Kelly is very good at guiding you to the perfect suit. I have had some tailoring issues but when there has been even the slightest problem, their tailors take care of it quickly and efficiently. I need to buy some new suits and will be visiting soon. I can't think of a better place in NYC.

Ming X

New York, NY

Quality products, wonderful service and a great price. I've been coming here since 2007. My first custom was made here and have not gone back to retail stores. I've had jackets in the past where the first thing I do is take them off when I get in the office. Mr. Kelly's suits I can wear them all day long and look and feel great in them. Got my first top coat for the winter and it feels like silk. It was made to my specific length and build. It really stands out from the crowd. Special thanks to Max for having a keen eye and making everything perfect.

David R.

New York, NY

I took two suits to La Rukico Customer Tailors for alterations about two weeks ago. I was a bit worried going to a different tailor (just moved to NYC) for the first time considering that one of the suits was a high end Versace suit and the other a suit that basically had to be rebuilt (massive amounts of work). I was welcomed warmly and treated as if I was the only client in the shop. The owners took the time to introduce themselves, introduce their style of business, etc. Additionally, their head tailor "Max the tailor" is incredible. He knows exactly what he is doing, will make strong recommendations and takes ample time with each fitting, measurement, etc. He makes sure that the alterations are in accordance with the overall style you're going for but will tell you the truth when you need to hear it. I got my suits back in less than a week because I needed one for a wedding, with no extra charge I might add, and they turned out perfect. Max truly is a miracle worker, at least in my experience. I will be returning to La Rukico for all suit alterations and potentially for one of their Bespoke suits. These guys are great. Thanks again to Max!

Richard A

New York, NY

I was recently referred to La Ruckico from a family member. I was extremely pleased with the quailty, customer service, and fit of the suit. Mr. Kelly is a very kinda man who truly cares about providing the best level of service for his customers. I do not see myself getting a suit for anyone else other than Mr. Kelly!! Thank You Again!

David L.

New York, NY

Highly professional experience for my son and myself. No pressure to buy and plenty of patient assistance in choosing from a wide range of fabrics. Measurements were well done, and suits fit beautifully and look great. We will be repeat customers

Spencer C

New York, NY

What an amazing experience from start to finish. True professionals, tons of personality and an all around good time. Can't find a better place to have your high end custom clothes made. I'll definitely be going back for more!!!

Jesse J

New York, NY

Kelly has an amazing eye and helped me pick out my dream suit in a matter of moments. The materials are the finest of any suit I've ever owned and the pricing was beyond fair. When I picked up my suit the cut was perfect and needed no alterations and is definitely the best fitting suit I own. I won't be shopping anywhere else for suits anytime soon.

Larry R

Manhattan, NY

I just ordered and received 4 new shirts and each one was a perfect fit. I have been going to La Rukico Tailors for 10 years now and I trust them. The quality is set at a high bar and their service is second to none. They stand behind each and every garment they sell. This is one company I am proud to promote.

Christine M

New York, NY

My husband gets fantastic custom shirts here, and Mr. Kelly stands by his work -- We recently had a dry cleaner discolor the collar of two brand new shirts and he replaced the collar (and cuffs) seamlessly. They look immaculate and new again!

Neil R

New York, NY

For nearly a decade, I've been looking for the best custom tailor in the city, and I've found him time and again in Kelly. He owes his splendid fabrics to the likes of Ermenegildo Zegna. He owes his sharp sense of fashion to the world. And he owes apologies to no one. Kelly provided me with 6 suits and countless shirts and slacks during my 8 years as his client. After the first few, I could tell he was spot-on--yet each subsequent order affirmed to me that he's a genuine artist who has sharp grasp on the subtle features that distinguish "fine" from just "good." My wardrobe could simply not have made thus far without him. Full stop. Kelly provides excellent counsel on the most appropriate colors, cuts, designs and finishing features for every body measurement. But he does more than that. He also dispenses rarely honest advice about what's suitable and what's not--even if the suitable option is cheaper--while helping you remain as economical as possible within your budget range. The result is an impeccably dapper mix and match of different clothing items for your specific needs. Kelly's store is a delight to walk into, and even a greater delight to walk out of... when he dresses you up, of course. The Kelly shopping experience is nothing short of five stars. You'll see it--and believe it.

Sam V.

Smithtown, NY

Have been dealing with him over 25 years. Every suit, jacket and pants have been stunning. He takes the necessary time to make sure you purchase what you want. If you have a budget he works with you. If you are lucky you will find fabrics on sale and save a bundle. His prices are lower than anyone else out there and the quality cannot be matched. He stands behind each garment he makes. A professional and artist at what he does. Many years ago I left my jacket at a function. Someone called him with the information on the jacket. He had the jacket sent to me free of charge. Does not get any better.