The Importance of Tuxedo Fit

tuxedos in new yorkAn ill-fitting tuxedo is unattractive, no matter how expensive or tastefully matched with shoes, a tie, and accessories. For better or for worse, our society places confidence and importance in those who dress well and dress formally. Fortunately, at Tailor Dot Com, we have been making men’s suits and tuxedos in New York since 1972. We select the highest quality fabrics from all over the world for our tailors, who will create a custom suit for you that fits your body shape and is in line with your style. We have more than 10,000 fabrics in our inventory, and our tailors can help you select the one that’s perfect for you.

It is our attention to detail that makes our tuxedoes fit well. We take 12 to 14 measurements for our custom shirts and pants, and 35 for custom suits. Sometimes it takes three or four fittings to ensure the right fit for your hand-made suit, but the result is a tuxedo that fits perfectly and sets you up for success.