The Tall Man's Guide to Fashion

If you are a tall man, you know the struggle that comes along with buying clothes all too well. It can be difficult to find mens suits, jeans, and even something as simple as sweatpants in your size, so you are forced to settle for clothing that doesn’t fit you well. It doesn’t have to be that way, though, as long as you are committed to doing your best to find clothing. Custom apparel in New York City is a great option. Here are other tips for tall men who want to remain stylish.

Don't be afraid to dig around in clothing stores for your size.

An average-sized man can walk into a store and, within just seconds, find the right size shirt or pants for him. The same goes for a man walking into a clothing store and looking for mens suits in his size. He likely won't have much trouble. But if you're a tall man, you may need to search around stores more and even speak with sales associates to find your size. Chances are, it's there, but you might not be able to find it right away.

Don't settle for clothing that doesn't fit you in all of the necessary places.

One common mistake that a tall man will make is simply because they are long enough. While this strategy might work if you don't have any other options and need clothing quickly, you shouldn't make it your long-term solution. If a pair of pants are long enough for you but don't fit around the waist, put them down and continue searching until you find a pair that are the length and width you need.

Don't forgo the opportunity to purchase custom clothing because of cost.

Purchasing custom apparel is something every tall man should consider. It may cost you more to buy a custom pair of pants or a custom blazer, but you are better off buying one or two custom outfits that fit you right as opposed to buying several that don't fit you at all.