A Sensible Tradition

It's traditional because it's true: nothing looks sharper than a suit. Even off-the-rack suiting can be an improvement over most casual wardrobes. You look taller, slimmer, feel confident. Now imagine a suit that fits you perfectly, rather than one made for thousands of men. A suit made of exquisite fabrics, the best in the world. A suit with details hand-selected to match your lifestyle and unique fashion-sense. And hand-sewn by the most skilled craftsmen in the industry. You're imagining a La Rukico Tailors custom suit, and it's real. Just tell us what you need.

La Rukico has been crafting the highest-quality custom suits for over four decades. Masterpieces created by paying undivided attention to two imperatives: fit and personal style. The process begins and ends with you: your body, your sartorial sensibility.


Different kinds of suits serve different purposes. Some are considered formal, some casual, and some can be dressed up or down as a versatile addition to your wardrobe. La Rukico offers a wide range of styles, from classic to modern, to suit any lifestyle.

In a tailored suit, every detail becomes an opportunity for self-expression. And La Rukico gives you every possible option, from obvious considerations like lapel style, down to the color of thread used to sew buttons. Our experts can help you make the best choices based on your preferences.


At La Rukico, we pride ourselves on the quality of our suiting. That's why our suits are sewn completely by hand, by the most skilled tailors in the world. And why we only offer fabrics from the best manufacturers in the world. Globally-recognized producers like Dormeuil, Zegna, and Scabal fill our catalogue of over 10,000 fabrics.


No matter how beautiful its fabric, a tailored suit is only as good as its construction. Properly constructed suits fit and look better, and last remarkably long. While many tailors opt for cheap, rigid "fusible," La Rukico has only ever offered full-canvas suit jacket construction. A layer of canvas between fabric and lining ensures that suits hold their form, resisting wear and tear. Canvas, made from natural fibers, also conforms to the body's shape over time, maintaing that perfect, tailored fit. Full-canvas construction is the obvious choice for a high-quality custom suit.


Buying a tailored suit is an investment. And like all investments, it should gain value with age. A La Rukico custom suit will last a minimum of six years with proper care. And because of its full-canvas construction, its fit will improve over time.

While we try to make our tailored suits reasonably priced, this has never been at the expense of their quality or durability. Even so, we offer full suits that would cost $4,000 elsewhere, for $1,500. How can we offer the highest quality at such low prices? Visit our pricing page to learn more.

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