What Is the Difference Between Slim and Modern Fits

When you visit a tailor in NYC, you’ll discover all the different possibilities for your custom suit. For example, one of the first things your tailor will determine is whether you’re better off getting a slim-fit suit or a modern fit. Learning the differences between these fits is a great introduction to the world of bespoke suits.

As the name suggests, slim fits are better for men with slim builds. The shoulders, sleeves, and pant legs are all narrower than their modern-fit counterparts, and the lapel is also typically a bit thinner. Modern-fit suits, on the other hand, are designed for men who need more room in the shoulders, chest, and thighs. Though modern-fit suits allow for a little bit more space than slim-fit suits, they’re still trim, and have no hint of bagginess. The jacket of a modern-fit suit is typically shorter than a slim-fit jacket. In short, slim-fit suits have a tighter fit while modern-fit suits are a bit looser.