What Is the Right Way to Hang Your Suit?

When you want to look your best without rummaging through your closet, consider investing in a bespoke suit in Manhattan. Bespoke suiting is custom-made for you, so you know it will fit exactly the way you want it to. Whether you need a men's suit for interviews, work, or formal occasions, you should take care of it properly to ensure it looks great every time you wear it. Watch this video to learn the right way to hang your custom suit.

As you get ready to hang your suit, first take a look at the hangers you are using. Stay away from wire hangers that will bend and lose shape, and choose wood hangers with pants bars for your custom suit. Fold the pants so that the creases line up, and place them over the pants bar on the hanger. Slip the suit jacket over the arms of the hanger, and let it hang outside the closet for a day after you wear it. When you put your suit in the closet, make sure it is not being crowded by other clothes that will cause wrinkles.