Women's Wear New York City

La R Custom Womens Apparel New York ukic o Tailors welcomes women searching for the highest-quality custom shirts & suits available in New York City. Designed and stitched exclusively for you, La Rukico's custom clothes will exceed your expectations. Whether you need a formal suit for the workplace or a stunning shirt for nights on the town, La Rukico's design team has you covered.

At La Rukico Custom Tailors, we understand that "formal" need not mean ill-fitted or uninspired. Especially in the boardroom, aspects like styling and fit are important both as confidence-boosters and in presenting a professional, distinguished image. But most off-the-rack women's shirts have a standard fit and lack unique style. That's why La Rukico offers an exclusive range of women's custom shirts & suits. Because a formal garment should be suitable as corporate wear, while allowing you to express yourself.


We only offer fabrics from the most renowned brands in the world, including Alumo, Zegna, Holland & Sherry, Dormueil, and Thomas Mason. Check out our Finest Fabrics to learn more about these exceptional companies.


When we work on custom shirts & suits for women, we ensure that every detail is tailored to compliment your body. We take 12 - 14 measurements for every shirt we tailor, and up to 34 for suit jackets. When it comes to making custom shirts, for women or men, we have keen eyes for detail and exercise painstaking precision every step of the way.

Even the most simply-styled women's custom shirt looks exclusive when it's fitted properly. At La Rukico Tailors, our aim is to fulfill your stylistic specifications and flatter your body!

Call Mr. Kelly at La Ruckico for an appointment at 212-753-7848, or use our contact form.