Welcome to La Rukico Tailors in New York City

Since 1972, the experts at La Rukico Custom Tailors New York City have been providing an international clientele with the finest tailor-made clothing available. Led by the unfailing vision of owner Mr. Kelly, we create business suits, custom suits, custom shirts, blazers, sports jackets, pants, tuxedos, overcoats, and more. Our method is timeless: find the highest-quality fabrics in the world and hand them to the most skilled craftsman. All while devoting our attention to your stylistic preferences and body's shape. Because you should be at the center of a tailored garment.

We've been rated the best bespoke tailor in NYC by both City Search and CBS Local for consecutive years. It's no wonder, Mr. Kelly has staked his reputation on expertly guiding customers through the process of designing a custom garment. Whether you know exactly what you want or don't have a clue, Mr. Kelly's advice will prove invaluable. Because we want you to be satisfied. And nothing feels better than looking your best.

La Rukico offers more than 10,000 fabrics for you to choose from. Every color, style, and weight from the world's most renowned textile manufacturers. Only the highest-quality fabrics make it into our books: Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, Alumo, Thomas Mason, and more! But this doesn't mean you'll have to remortgage, take a look at our pricing page to learn how we can offer the finest fabrics for less than off-the-rack.

Such beautiful fabrics wouldn't be worth their weight if we didn't ensure that your clothing fit right the first time. That's why Mr. Kelly takes 12 to 14 measurements for each custom shirt or pant, and 35 for custom suits. Proper measurement is a tailor's first priority, and you'll see Mr. Kelly with a cloth tape measure a lot. That's because we know the best fitting garments are the best looking, too. And while "bench-made" tailoring service (that's extremely expensive, single-artisan work) can take three or four fittings to get it right, we use the same methods and find your perfect fit the first time.

Because our focus is on expertly fitting your body, we've come to specialize in unique body types. Whether you're tall, wide, or small, La Rukico's garments will fit you correctly. And if you think it's time for a change, Mr. Kelly is an expert in fitting techniques that can actually alter your appearance.

All of La Rukico's apparel is made by hand. We offer the best bespoke tailoring services in New York City. All of it. 100% of the time. And while other tailors outsource their labor to third-part manufacturers, losing control of the process, we own our own tailoring facility in Hong Kong. This allows us to apply the strictest quality-controls in the industry, ensuring that your bespoke garments are sewn by the best tailors in the world.

So what's next? Maybe it's your very first tailored blazer. Or maybe you'd like your 10th bespoke suit to be really special. Whatever your experience, whatever your size, whatever your style, La Rukico has you covered. Literally. Call us at 212-753-7848 or visit our setup an appointment page to book an appointment for our tailoring servicing at our Manhattan showroom

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